Entry #1

My emotions & found glitches

2007-07-17 17:57:44 by AL-exe

That happened. I always wanted Newgrouns to use AJAX instead of this pop-up windows :)

Welcome to the world of Web 2.0 :)

I respect NG for this quick newsite launch - it usualy takes more time to do that. I know that by my own experience. You're awsome, Guys ;)

~ ~ ~
BaD things.

The server is working to slow now. The connection times-out often. I suppose, that's because of a "DDoS attack" - users are uploading their new avatars and icons ^__^

The reviews cannot be read from the profile pages... seems, that it's just unimplemented part of code yet.

~ ~ ~

P.S. You're GREAT!


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